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Do you have outdoor seating?

Yes, plenty of seating

Does bonefish grill deliver

Yes door dash

Are you hiring

Suggest you call or apply in person.

What are lunch hours?

The menu is very diverse, so there isnt really a set "lunch" time

are you open Sunday May 5th for brunch/lunch/dinner

I haven't heard otherwise. They should be open

What time is dinner served?

we have been there for lunch multiple times and each time pretty sure menu same as dinner ... continuously open from munch thru dinner ... regardless of when you go, you and everyone in your group will ENJOY !!!

What time is dinner served?

The menu is relatively flexible. Dinner portions and items can be ordered whenever the restaurant is open.

Do the have outdoor seating?

No they do not

The Angler's Catch, what is the price?

?! You can download the menu from their site or just Google the restaurant and about 99% of the time Google has the menu to view in the search results. You actually passed the menu link when you asked this question.

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